From the brainchild of two experienced and seasoned veterans in the Brewing scene, Bryan Launier and Adam Corsaut, Analog Brewing has only been around since 2018, yet seen a meteoric rise in the Albertan Craft Brewing scene. 

With a combined passion for video games and brews, in a scene where Arcade Bars and Board Game Cafes are seeing an increase, the Edmonton-based Analog Brewing takes its pallet for good beer and age-old video games and turns that nerdiness into something for the kids and adults inside us. 

In celebration of the 20 year anniversary of Foosh, sister company to The Common, Analog Brewing created a New England IPA as dope as the store. With a can featuring the likes of owners Justin Der, Rob Clarke, and Pat Zubiri as 8-bit video game characters with sentiments like “Drop Beats, Not Bombs,” the beer salutes the 20 years of style and class that Foosh has brought in day-in and day-out to the streets of Edmonton, while also paying it back to the streets that have carried them too. 

And next up was The Common.

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