This webapp for singers connects you to a voice coach right from your phone (CONTEST)

Whether you’re a beginner or a Beyonce, a semi-professional or a Pavaratti, Singdaptive connects you to world-class vocal mentors who personalize your lessons at your own pace.

And as long as you have a camera, a microphone, and some good wi-fi, it’s easy.

Based on your interactions (either through text or video), Singdaptive mentors will listen, guide and research what the best steps in your vocal journey will be.

Whether you’re a performer, audio engineer, a journalist, or anyone (really), Singdaptive is valuable for those looking to improve their vocal confidence.

An initial consultation will prompt you to lay out your goals through video, and from there, your mentor will judge what’s best for your voice, constructively crafting its needs and your wants.

Throughout the lessons, your mentor will refer you to Singdaptive’s vast database of world-renowned vocal instructor’ lessons to round out your practice.

Singdaptive’s pillars of technique, health, audio, performance, creativity, musicality, and audience engagement, will up the level of where you want to be, wherever you are.

So whether you’re looking to nail ‘Wheat Kings’ at a family campfire, or you’re looking to hit runs like Rihanna, Singdaptive’s database of professional-grade lessons will help you accomplish those goals and your instructor will guide you through the way.

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