Circles Within Circles

While this interview was being conducted it was the week after the George Floyd murder, the following of Black Lives Matter protests and the riots in the United States. These are not unfamiliar events – different names for the same events – and cycles of oppression will continue to be perpetuated until we are willing to ask ourselves tough questions and then take the next best action.  As a Person of Colour, Lwanga not only uses her platform to infuse beauty into her clients’ lives but she’s recently shared her story and thoughts on the Black Lives Matter Movement.   

Vignettes is about art. As artists we do art. It’s as simple as that. We hold space for ourselves to release feelings. For perspective, Lwanga echoed her philosophy on art, “For me, my craft is about meeting people where they’re at, I take in, I listen[…] I try not to go into a project with a preconceived idea of the finished product.” 

Artistic interpretations are expressed in a multitude of ways with difficulty or ease. Not every artist has the answer. Nor do I, nor does Vignettes. We just try to affect change, within concentric circles – from the little to the big

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