Hints at an Unseen Reality

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has forced non-essential workers at home and people isolated, the art of going inwards has been the guiding principle to find solace in these uncertain times. Whether one’s meditating, writing songs on an old guitar, or practicing drawing, perhaps the silver lining here is creation. Local Edmonton painter and digital artist Nathan Panousis (aka Idle Worship) likens it to a funeral: “It [isolation] has given me a lot of purpose both negatively and positively. It’s like a funeral, you see your friends and loved ones but it’s because someone’s passed away.” Artists are and have always been mirrors for society, even in one where we’re trapped at home. For some, this isn’t new. But for a newer generation the isolation gives us a new opportunity to go inwards and step out. Newton sure did. Panousis says, “Artists are equipped for this, it’s what we do: create meaning from nothing.”

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