Festival Wisdom—Immune System Boosting Tips That You Can Use At Home

Covid-19 put a hold on festivals for 2020, which is a good choice, but just one of many disappointments this year. It’s a bummer.

It made me realize, though,  that a lot of the things I do to stay healthy at festivals apply to life in the age of covid. With Covid, you’re worried about immunity and health. At festivals, you worry about ‘festival flu, hangovers, and what you’re going to do (or take) to stay up until dawn to see your favourite DJ. Many attendees have their own tips and tricks for how they do this.

Most people turn to common stimulants like caffeine or sugar, which are fast and effective in the short term, but cause crashes in the long term. Festivals are also a place where it’s common to see people experimenting with substances. If you ask people why, their answers will vary, but I’ve found one of the most frequent answers to be—energy.

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